Radney Foster

Singer • Songwriter • Author

Texas Singer/Songwriter Radney Foster has a new CD and book coming out in September, 2017. For You To See The Stars is a work of short fiction, with each story completmenting a song on the collection.

Another Way to Go CD


Another Way to Go CD

  1. "A Real Fine Place to Start”

  2. "Everyday Angel"

  3. "Again"

  4. "Sure Feels Right"

  5. "Disappointing You"

  6. "I Got What You Need"

  7. "Tired of Pretending"

  8. "What Is It That You Do"

  9. "Scary Old World"

  10. "Love Had Something to Say About It"

  11. "What Are We Doing Here Tonight"

  12. "Just Sit Still"

  13. "Another Way to Go"

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